Service Design

Service design is the activity of planning and organizing a business’s resources (people, props, and processes) in order to improve the experience of the customer and employee experience.

You wouldn’t build anything in the physical world without a blueprint. Why wouldn’t you use them to build, test and launch your service experiences? In order to deliver a specific customer experience, you must design a service blueprint that illustrates HOW the experience will be delivered.

Quick case study: City Rent a Truck operates 4 locations in Kansas City and St. Louis. They were looking at a way to differentiate their customer experience and give customers reasons to continue to do business with them. We began our diagnostic phase with several virtual customer interviews. Our findings led us to recommend designing a new service blueprint that would ensure that City Rent a Truck could deliver a new service experience.

We put on a 1-day workshop with their team and the outcome of this workshop was to implement an alert & notification system with an accompanying service blueprint.

What were the results? Net Promoter Scores (NPS) have risen 10 points and client retention has increased 7% within the first 3 months of launching this service, increasing profits by 21%.

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