About Us

RevKick is a lead generation and marketing program enhancement agency based in the Kansas City metro, with a focus on serving organizations that provide services to individuals and households. Recognizing the lack of accessible tools and resources for service-based firms to achieve their growth aspirations, we embarked on a mission to address these challenges from the outset.

Since January 2018, we have assisted numerous service firms in generating high-quality leads, driving more sales, improving marketing costs cost-efficiency, and  increasing revenues by over 25% annually, with some experiencing growth exceeding 300%, all without the need for expanding their marketing budgets. Through the utilization of data and valuable insights, we make well-informed decisions to ensure our clients achieve remarkable success when partnering with us.


» Increased customer acquisition rate
» Improved lead quality
» Increase in average transaction value
» Reduction in customer acquisition costs

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Are you experiencing low-quality leads and unproductive outreach attempts? Are you noticing smaller contracts and periods of low or no business? Are your lead and customer acquisition costs increasing, impacting your profits? If any of these questions resonate with you, let’s chat.