About Us

We’re RevKick – a Kansas City based customer research, guest experience optimization, and marketing firm.

RevKick began as a digital marketing agency, but we quickly learned that the “generic” agency market was far too saturated.

But one thing we did know? And that was that marketing agencies had forgotten about the all important customer – once they become a customer, and we set out to change that.

So we went to work on our positioning – the process of selecting a core discipline for a specific market – and upon doing our research, we hit the jackpot that nearly every B2B organization seeks: to identify a segment of the market that has a need, and that just so happened to be what our team loves… experiences that enrich our lives and the lives of others.

So here we are…

The customer experience design and marketing firm for high-visitation establishments nationwide.

As a specialized high-visitation experience designing and marketing management agency, we design and innovate interactions for some of the most unique attractions, events, experiences, venues, entertainment, and more! And then we inspire people to come and experience these places through strategic marketing.

Our purpose as a company is to create experiences that people love and enjoy and we hope you come along for the ride.

Gabriel Barnes

Head of CX Design

Kylie Mootz

Head of Research

April Roberson

Lead Service Designer

Sara Watkins

Head of Marketing

Haik Kavookjian

Creative Director

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